Join the cadre of volunteers from Maine to California – and, now, Canada - who are working to make the Nickerson Family Association genealogy records available to all of us - right at home and without having to travel to Chatham Massachusetts to view them.

Yes, the goal is to be able to send genealogy files electronically to any member who requests them via email and other electronic file transfer methods.

In fact, we can do this now and frequently we send files related to a member's genealogical family so that person has a greater knowledge of his or her roots. The only problem is that a lot of our records are not searchable.

All our genealogy records have been scanned, but they were scanned with alpha-numeric names that have some meaning, but not for the ability to search them by the person's name. The good news is that many of them have been renamed and we can find these for members with a simple search on our computers, based on a four year effort by members all over the US and Canada. But we can speed up the mission of making ALL of our records renamed and searchable with your help.

If you have modest computer skills, you can help out and you can do it right from your home. All that is needed is a relatively up-to-date computer that has the free version of Adobe Acrobat software - called "Reader". If you have Adobe Acrobat software more powerful than "Reader", even better. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, it is an easy - and free - download over the internet from the Adobe web site.

Please read the attached instruction sheet. It is a step-by-step manual on how to make the files searchable. It is two pages, but after you do your first one and it works for you, the rest will be easy.

So far, the following members have been working on this renaming process:

Dela & Ralph Abel
Sandy Abel
Malcolm Chase
Nancy Corey
Tom Hamburg
Linda Hart
Allen King
Ray Laurie
Donald Lewis
Jill Lillie
Patrick J Lueck
Bruce Mencer
Brian Nickerson
  Don Nickerson
Galen Nickerson
Kurt Nickerson
Scott Nickerson
Lorraine Nickerson
Tim Patton
Susan Sherman
Karen Sims
Sigrid Smith
Fred & Marjorie Snell
Lin & Bob Webber
Karen Wooley
Margaret Young

If you would like to join this talented and dedicated group, please contact Brian Nickerson at 508-457-9199 or, by email,






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